2014 Community Gardens and Projects

Community Gardens and Projects

A thirst for knowledge and understanding of horticulture runs high this spring among enthusiastic Garden Club teams who tend our Community Gardens during the summer.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 1.30.57 PMModification and redesign of Rachel’s Garden continued this spring under the guidance of Leslie Clarke and two diligent docents from the East Hampton Historical Society. From the moment that it was warm enough this spring, they have prepared and planted Rachel’s Garden, soon to be joined by our GCEH teams, working together throughout the summer. In this developing model partnership, the docents will be providing important historical context for our project. Already they have welcomed local school children, bringing to life the history, horticulture and traditions of Mulford Farm. In addition, Leslie and the docents will provide orientation sessions for Rachelʻs summer teams that again will be headed by Katy Graham and Rosemary Killen with Leslie.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 1.31.08 PMAbby Jane Brody takes a much needed break at Mimi Meehanʻs Native Plant Garden where she has toiled this spring preparing the garden for the teams that she and LaliQe Smith will lead throughout the summer. First sessions will include an informal walk-­‐‑ through evaluation and work plan. As the garden has matured, more native plants and shrubs have been added with spectacular results.

Introducing Michael D. Robinson, our new postmaster who is refreshingly responsive to our reminders and assures us that he will see that our plantings are properly irrigated, maintained organically, the grass is cut regularly, weeds are removed and winter protection provided.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 1.31.16 PMCalista Washburn surveys the East Hampton Railroad Station where she oversees and directs members who care for the property. We found it in good condition although some of the cedar trees major branches snapped off during winter storms. The crape myrtles planted by the GCEH are thriving, our weeding has kept plant beds pristine and the fabulous Dortmund roses continue to attract the attention of railroad passengers as well as local citizenry.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 1.31.24 PMOur LVIS collaborators in the maintenance of the Nature Trail have installed a kiosk to disseminate information about the ducks and other wildfowl that inhabit the “dreen” with instructions about what should (cracked corn, birdseed, oats) and should not (bread, bagels, rolls) be fed to the ducks. The Garden Club and the LVIS continue our work in the wildlife sanctuary to keep the phragmites and other invasive plant intruders at bay, providing for our community a magical place for a walk in the woods.

East Hampton Library
Director Dennis Fabiszak and Diane Paton discussed a possible collaboration of the Grace Lee Roberts Garden (see the plaque to the right of the blooming camellia) with the proposed adjacent Childrenʻs Secret Garden as construction proceeds. The Library remains closed for construction this summer.

Our newest garden is flourishing with masses of daffodils that greeted spring visitors at Millstone Garden Park . This charming vest pocket garden is providing excellent visibility for Garden Club talents at the center of the village, thanks to designer Calista Washburn, team leaders Julie Sakellariadis and Patsy Steffan and their loyal working team.

Diane Paton